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Madurai Silk Square

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Madurai Silk Square


The quintessence of luxury and elegance, this super Indian scarf with traditional Indian cashmere patterns authentically Indian is distinguished by its light. So soon worn around your neck, it will give in a few seconds all the light that will illuminate your face. So soft, so light, so tender, this silk veil brings you the softness you are looking for in any season. Let yourself be wrapped in this soft and warm fabric which will be knotted in a thousand and one ways around your neck, in your hair or as a belt. A typical handicraft from the north of India to discover without further delay. Princesse foulard sends you your pretty Indian silk scarf in its pretty satin pouch so Chic and ideal as a gift or to store your scarf! Made in India.

  • Material 100% Indian Silk
  • Dimensions 95 x 95 cm
  • Packing pouch Oui
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

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Some advice about this scarf

For silks with light and dark tones prints, it is preferable to test the quality of the dyeing before immersing the silk in water. To do this, wet an inconspicuous part of your scarf, then wait a few moments before dabbing the damp part with a dry white cloth. Make sure that the dye does not transpose onto the cloth. If this is the case, dry cleaning is necessary.

How to wear your scarf

Square silk scarves are classic, chic and distinguished. They are accessories that will make you look beautiful and elegant if you know how to wear them. For example, you can wear them around your head to keep your hair in place or even through belt buckles on jeans and pants to give an original look.