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Pondichery linen scarf

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Pondichery linen scarf


With its bright colours and its pretty, elegant and colourful floral pattern, this scarf made of natural linen and cotton is of luxurious high quality. Once in your hands and around your neck, you will love it even more because it is so beautiful and soft. Light, airy and very large, it is a unisex scarf that can be worn by both men and women. Woven according to an ancient traditional know-how, this technique brings a very particular style to your scarf with a fine, delicate and sturdy weave. A unique scarf in the world, which you will not find elsewhere and which will seduce you every day a little more, for many years. A purchase you will never regret. Attention, in limited edition, there are only a few pieces.

  • Material 50% linen 50% cotton
  • Dimensions 70x200cm
  • Packing pouch Non
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

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Some advice about this scarf

Linen softens with washing, even this scarf is already very soft compared to other types of linen that have not been softened beforehand. Wash your scarf at 30 or 40° by hand or by machine. Small advice, if you store your scarves on a wooden shelf, be careful not to pull a thread. Also do not leave a scarf in full sun, you take the risk of discoloration.

How to wear your scarf

With this beautiful scarf, I really like the buckle knot which is a type of knot that will highlight the beauty of the frieze present on all the seam of this one. Fold your scarf in half lengthwise and then widthwise. On one side a buckle, on the other two sides that you will slide in and adjust according to the comfort that you want.