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Bohemian linen scarf


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Sublime scarf in natural linen white with blue, black, grey flower patterns. A superb fashion accessory, this pure linen scarf is soft, elegant and refined at the same time. When you wear a scarf or a scarf in pure linen, you are above all charmed by its natural aspect, by its elegant and sober weave. A natural and eternal material that brings softness and charm to your everyday outfits, especially in summer and in mid-season. Noble material par excellence, pure linen is distinguished by its freshness and lightness. Passionate about flax and high quality natural fibres, you will be under the spell of the unique and rare beauty of this great scarf. For men and women alike, it is the scarf you need.

  • Material 50% linen 50% cotton
  • Dimensions 70x200cm
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Some advice about this scarf

In order to keep all the suppleness and softness of your linen scarf, it is recommended to clean it like a delicate textile. Plunge it into a bath of warm water mixed with a mild detergent, then gently wring it out without wringing it out by placing it on a towel.

How to wear your scarf

For an adventurous or aviator look, take your linen scarf and place it around your neck and let the two front ends fall down to your chest. Tighten the scarf more or less around your neck depending on whether you want to protect yourself from the cold or if you want to let the air in.