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Great selection of large silk scarf woman and man. Collection of Indian scarf in Indian silk or in wild silk scarf from Thailand, Laos, India, Cambodia or Vietnam.

The word scarf comes from the word "foulat" in Provençal, which means trodden. The brand Princesse foulard offers quality scarves made of natural and handcrafted materials from natural materials and craftsmanship. It is in fact a silk square scarf or fabric, more or less large. High quality scarves for women and men. The scarf is above all a fashion accessory, worn by women but also by men. The handcrafted luxury scarf is worn around the neck to keep warm, but also on the head. The scarf was used on the head to protect the hair from wind, sun or dust. The very term scarf appeared around the 18th century. During that century, the word scarf referred to a simple cotton, silk or light fabric used to make scarves or scarf winter soft warm winter men and women. The scarf was then a piece of fabric in the shape of a triangle or a square. Even Marie Antoinette wore the scarf on her chest and back. But since then things have changed and the scarf has become a fashion accessory in its own right.

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Here are some tips for wearing knotting a scarf for men and women, the scarf can be worn on all occasions and in all seasons. The summer or spring scarf should be light, in fine cotton, silk or linen. Natural materials have the beautiful part in the world of scarves. Cotton has the particularity of not being too warm in summer and being very pleasant in winter. The scarf can be worn by women, but also by men. The chèche is a kind of scarf that is very popular with men, who wear it over jeans, polo or a suit and tie to give a bit of style and allure. The winter scarf will want to be wider and more enveloping, in order to cover the back and shoulders well. Silk is ideal, as it is a material that keeps you relatively warm. Worn on the head, the scarf immediately gives look and style, in the manner of Grace Kelly for example.

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A scarf is chosen according to one's own tastes and personality. But before you set your sights on a particular kind of scarf, you should first consider whether it will be a summer or winter scarf. The material will not be the same depending on the season. To choose a summer scarf, it is better to take it small, rather square and quite thin. The scarf is then there to energize an outfit and not to keep warm. On the other hand, the winter scarf will be chosen for its enveloping and warming side. Women can wear the scarf in several ways: on the shoulders, neck, head or as a style. Also, the scarf should be chosen according to its use. Men usually wear a scarf around their neck. The scarf will therefore be chosen according to its material and colour. Cotton remains a safe value for men's scarves.

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A scarf should match the whole outfit. It would be inconceivable to wear a scarf without considering whether it perfectly matches the clothes, jewellery or handbag. To avoid any taste mistakes, it is advisable to opt for classic scarf models, such as silk squares, which are unavoidable and timeless. The silk square is easy to wear with all types of outfits, from the most modern to the most classic, including a bohemian chic look. In any case, the scarf must blend in with the whole silhouette. It is possible to make a colour reminder with the handbag or shoes.For these gentlemen, the cotton scarf will break up a too classic suit, bringing a touch of color or will perfectly match the jacket.

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Not all scarves can be worn depending on the occasion or event. For going out in the evening, the scarf can be adorned with sequins, rhinestones or festive patterns. A colourful scarf is indeed ideal to brighten up a small black dress or to bring some glamour to a too classic top. To go to work or to spend a relaxing day, the silk scarf remains the seductive asset to adopt without any moderation. The rather wide silk scarf can be worn as a stole to go to a restaurant or a theatre for example. For important events, such as a wedding, a ceremony or a private cocktail, the scarf will be rather plain and in a shiny material. The size of the scarf is to be determined according to its use. On a cocktail dress, the scarf will be rather thin and worn as a necklace. On a strapless dress, the scarf will become a stole, to cover the coldest shoulders.

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Check Princess scarf trends evolve according to fashions and morals. Current fashion tends towards natural materials such as cotton, linen or silk. Models are becoming more modern and scarves are in turn very creased or twisted. The square of oneself is making a strong comeback, with more up-to-date patterns and colours. The classic silk scarf is modernising and is tied in different ways around the neck, head or even the shoulders.

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The scarf becomes a real garment in its own right, which all women and men should have in their wardrobe. The Princesse foulard brand offers exclusive scarves, entirely handmade according to the best craftsmanship. Lovingly produced in very small quantities for men and women, amateurs and connoisseurs who will recognize the best craftsmanship and the noblest natural materials. Luxurious and refined scarves of high and good quality. You will also like the large plaid scarf very trendy plaid.

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