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Linen scarf

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Princesse Foulard offers you a selection of natural linen scarves and handcrafted linen scarves for women and men. White and coloured natural linen scarves made in the purest tradition and according to ancestral methods. Scarves in linen of top quality Discover without waiting the incomparable quality of the pure linen scarves. Artisanal scarves embroidered and woven with care for an incomparable softness. Discover also the cotton scarf.

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Flax is one of the most used fibers in the world and you will find it in many textiles that surround you and are part of your daily life. It is a fiber that has many advantages but also allows the manufacture of beautiful textiles of very high quality.

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In addition to being one of the most used fibers in the world, it is probably the oldest because the first traces were found more than 36 000 years ago in Georgia. Even if its exact origin is not known, we know that this fiber was very present in Egypt during the time of the pharaohs, where it was used to make clothing, boat sails or mummy strips. It is then, that the use of the fiber spread, in China, in Europe but also in India.

Women's linen scarf

Our collections of linen scarves and headscarves are made with the finest quality linen. For men and women, they are available in single or limited editions.

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Linen is an annual plant that can be sown in winter or summer. Once mature, it is pulled up and bundled for drying. Once dry, it will undergo ginning, i.e. the separation of stems and seeds. Then the retting will remove the bark, then the scutching to separate the fiber from the straw. The fibres will then be cleaned by combing, the last step before spinning.


Once spun, linen can finally be woven to produce different types of textiles, such as thick cloth for furniture or fine fabrics for clothing. In India, the qualities of natural linen fabrics are very well known and are exported all over the world. Clothes made of linen are very comfortable to wear and Indian scarves are more refined than each other. Linen is a material that can be worn both in winter and summer and in all circumstances.

Linen scarves and scarves are made of natural linen and can be worn by both men and women.

The craftsmanship of linen allows us to offer you the finest quality of natural linen scarves and scarves that will make you happy.