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Soft Linen Scarf


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Discover without further delay the beauty of this 100% linen woven scarf in natural and pure linen. You will also discover the many thermal qualities of linen and its exquisite softness against the skin. This superb, low-priced linen scarf in pale pink will appeal to women who like soft, pastel colours, also to those with sensitive skin. You will see that the contact with this linen scarf and its exquisitely softness, its lightness is equalled only by its beauty. This linen scarf also has the quality of resistance, it does not warp, wrinkles very little and does not lint, it is soft and supple. This is a scarf so beautiful that we can't do without it, it brings distinction, elegance and a relaxed style that characterizes it. In a limited edition, letting it go will make you regret it !

  • Material 100% Linen
  • Dimensions 200 x 110 cm
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Some advice about this scarf

It is recommended that you wash your linen scarf in a bath of lukewarm water with detergent for delicate textiles. Do not rub too much and do not twist the scarf to wring it out, but put it in a towel that gently absorbs the water and will not distort the material.

How to wear your scarf

For a casual touch, simply wrap your scarf around your neck. Place it on your shoulders and make a single sweep to make a nice drape, then let one end hang in front and the other behind. You'll be dressed and accessorized in a flash with a fashion touch.