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Craftmen of Pure silk

a range of high-end quality women's scarf made of pure silk from Thailand. Small and large 100% silk scarves for women and men. Soft, chic, elegant and shiny, these pretty large scarf man and woman are one of the great fashion classics. Ideal to buy a scarf or to treat yourself, their style and timeless, incomparable quality. You will find a selection of silk scarves and squares with original and classic patterns such as floral, stripes, polka dots or plain. If you haven't found what you are looking for, take a look at the Indian silk scarf d'india.

Silk scarf

Large silk square Firenze


Silk is the noblest material among all textile fibres. It is certainly the most perfect, resulting in beautiful fabrics that have been coveted for millennia. But from this same fiber we can have many very different fabrics, such as the wild silk scarf.

Women's silk scarf

Silk is an animal fiber and not vegetable like linen or cotton. It is produced by a caterpillar called the mulberry bombyx because it feeds on the leaves of this tree. This worm will weave a cocoon using its saliva to make a shelter for its mutation into a butterfly. Once made, the cocoon will be boiled which will allow the thread to come off. It will be cleaned of its impurities then joined together by ten to be more resistant and then it will be spun and mounted on a spool.

Men's silk scarf

We can make both natural silk scarves for men and women but also cashmere scarf, large silk stole and scarves or so many fashion accessories. Men like to wear the little silk gavroche scarves that you tie around your neck dandy style or that you slip into your clutch pocket.

Large silk scarf

The little silk scarves are the gavroches, you will wear them around your neck, whether you are a man or a woman. Large scarves are very popular with women who like to wear them in their hair or use them as a fashion accessory. But how are your silk scarves made? And what is pure silk? From these threads, textiles can be woven.

cheap silk scarf

But there are many silk fabric from different techniques for very different results too. For example, bourrette, gaza, crepe, duchess satin, twill, taffeta, chiffon or shantung...are all fabrics that are made from silk but will look different, matt, shiny, stiff or supple.

Quality silk scarf

There are also fabrics that are made with silk threads and fibers of another nature, for example the "madras" will have silk warp threads and cotton weft film. A garment with a 100% silk label may contain up to 10% of another fibre such as polyester, polyamide, elastane. The mention "pure silk" will be the only one that assures you that your scarf or scarf winter woman is not a blend.

Women's silk scarf

Chez Princess scarf all the scarves are of high luxury quality for their confection. Silk from Laos, Cambodia, Thailand or India, you will see by touch and time that princess scarf offers you incredibly beautiful, luxurious and high quality scarves. Silk scarves that we keep forever because of their high quality.