Square silk scarf

Silk squares in small and large sizes for men and women. A great variety of patterns, but one thing in common is the quality of the silk.

Des large scarf, they come in all sizes, shapes and colours. Des women's scarf high quality and handmade in the great tradition of traditional craftsmanship. But the square silk scarf remains an essential model that every woman should have in her wardrobe. Large or small square silk scarf by Princesse Foulard, you will find the 90x90cm or 50x50cm satin silk square scarf for women and men that you need. The square scarf was created in 1937 by a famous French fashion house Hermès, whose silk scarf square now bears the name. To find out more about scarf read on. This square scarf has become timeless, must-have, timeless and a great classic. This type of scarf is usually made of silk and can be worn on all occasions, regardless of a woman's style and age. Since its creation, the square scarf has been revisited many times, with different patterns and colors. This scarf remains a sure value and a great classic. For both men and women, you will find in this boutique large and small squares in silk, small gavroches to tie around the neck for an elegant style or a chic dandy look.

woman's square silk scarf

The quality silk scarf square silk is usually worn around the neck, to bring a little warmth. But, there are many ways to tie your square scarf around your neck. The scarf can be simply tied, but you can wear it like a stewardess , like a pirate or a bandana. The most coquettish will wear the square scarf as a necklace or as a neck warmer. The square scarf can be worn around the head to add style to the silhouette or to protect the hair from the sun. Depending on the size of the square scarf, it can be worn as a stole to cover the shoulders in case of a slight cold. The more modern can wear the square scarf around the waist, like a belt. The scarf can be folded up on itself and then put into the sides of the trousers or jeans. This brings a crazy charm to a pair of pants that are too classic. Finally, the scarf can be transformed into a handbag if needed, for a bohemian chic look. You'll find tips for to tie a silk scarf.

Square silk scarf for men

Men also wear the square silk scarf, around the neck or in a suit pocket of a jacket or vest. Knotted around the neck the dandy and gentleman men can choose a small or large scarf. However if it is a question of folding a square scarf to put it in a pocket like a clutch, in this case it is recommended to choose the small square format. There is a wide choice of colours, small scarves and scarf paisley pattern will be perfect because you will not have to choose a plain scarf which will lack elegance to be worn in a suit or blazer pocket. Pailsey patterns or prints in shades of burgundy, beige, navy blue or bottle green will be very popular with refined men in a timeless style of classic elegance. The material, the fabric, will be silk, there is no need to ask the question 100% pure natural silk.

Luxury silk square scarf

Although the silk square scarf is an essential fashion accessory that goes with almost everything, it is better to take care to choose your scarf. A square scarf is not chosen lightly. If you want the scarf to match all your outfits, it is best to choose a classic scarf in neutral tones. The too showy and bright patterns are to be avoided. A silk scarf in colourful tones will have the advantage of harmonizing easily. To brighten up a classic outfit, whatever it is, the scarf should be a bright and cheerful colour, such as red, orange or blue. The choice of colour will really depend on the style you are looking for. The size of the scarf should be chosen according to its use. A small square scarf is perfect around the neck or head, while a larger scarf is ideal as a stole. It is therefore important to consider the size of the scarf before making your choice.


Small square scarf 50x50cm

To match a small square scarf, you must take into account its dominant colour. If the square scarf is plain, the problem does not arise. You just have to match it to the outfit. However, if the scarf is made up of a gradation of red, blue, orange or any other colour, it is better to focus on the colour that dominates over the others. Ideally, the scarf can be matched with the outfit, purse or shoes. For example, it is perfectly possible to wear a plain top with a red/orange square scarf, with a bright orange slim fit. A blue silk square can be matched with ballerinas of the same colour. The square is the very symbol of femininity. So don't hesitate to play with colours. The square can be worn with jeans, a skirt, a suit or a cocktail dress. You just have to know how to tie a scarf for every occasion.

Large square silk scarf 90x90cm

There are so many ways to wear a large silk square for a woman or a man, that it can match any outfit and any event. For shopping, private or professional purposes, the scarf will be rather discreet. It is better to wear it around the neck, using a small loose knot, while leaving both sides hanging. To go out with friends in the evening, during a chic but trendy evening, the scarf will be perfect around the wrist, as a bracelet. For a romantic evening or a reception, the scarf becomes a stole and adds a touch of refinement and elegance to the evening dress. For a ceremony, the square scarf will be wrapped around the neck, with a flap hanging down the front and back. The square scarf can be worn according to one's desires.

Silk square scarf branded

The silk square is timeless, whatever the colour and the patterns. However, trends evolve according to fashion and desires. The square silk scarf is adorned with shimmering patterns and bright, cheerful colours. The scarf is not there to hide, it must be shown. So it's best to opt for cheerful colours. The scarf is generally worn over the upper body. The more cheerful the colours, the more it will illuminate the face. The choice of colours is therefore crucial. Bohemian chic is very trendy. So go for the square scarf with visible patterns and gold threads. At Princesse foulard you'll find a wide selection of square silk scarves for men and women, handcrafted scarves of high quality. Luxurious silk squares from Princesse foulard, the specialist in handcrafted silk scarves of the finest quality. Square scarves in limited editions or unique copies that you will not find anywhere else. Also discover the collection of wild silk scarf handcrafted.