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Darjeling Silk Square


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Discover the softness, finesse and rarity of this chic and colourful pink silk scarf inspired by Indian traditions and the beauty of nature. A subtle blend of femininity and bohemian romanticism, this beautiful pure silk scarf is hand-made by our best Indian artisans. You will be immediately seduced by the rare and singular patterns of this scarf with its aerial graphics, sensual touch and rare softness. An ideal silk scarf to enhance your style, personality and charm. A real princess scarf, charming and elegant. A must have of this collection. Princesse foulard sends you your pretty Indian silk scarf is sent in its pretty satin so Chic pouch and ideal as a gift or for storing your scarf! Made in India.This scarf is in reduction because it is the last one of the collection 2018


  • Material 100% Silk
  • Dimensions 95 x 95 cm
  • Packing pouch Oui
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

Some advice about this scarf

The silk can be washed gently by hand in cold or warm water. After washing, it is necessary to pre-dry it in a towel that will gently absorb the water without wrinkling the fabric. To dry, make sure to hang your silk scarf on a hanger, avoiding wrinkles and especially place it in a place away from the sun.

How to wear your scarf

Change your hairstyle with your silk scarf that you will use as a hair accessory. Simply fold the scarf to make a headband and then pass it under the nape of the neck to hang it on the top of the head. It's a retro look, straight out of the pin-ups of the 50s. The result is guaranteed and original, all the stars are crazy about it on the red carpets this season.