Who am I?

Good morning and welcome!

PrincesseFoulard is a French shop, specializing in scarves.
AMSA - Princesse Foulard
280 Chemin des Pins
06210 Mandelieu-la-Napoule

I'm Princesse foulard your devoted. Passionate about fashion, scarves, silk and other precious natural fabrics. It is with happiness that I welcome you with softness and warmth in this small shop. Believe me, I intend to take good care of you!

In this small chic boutique, I propose you to discover a selection of scarves for men and women, rare and elegant, that I have selected for you from the best craftsmen. In this small shop, the scarves offered in unique or limited edition are unique and rare, made of natural materials such assilk, wild silk, satin, natural cotton, wool or linen ... Rare, high quality fabrics in bright colours. Each of the scarves presented in this shop is selected by me with the greatest attention to quality.

Who is Princess Scarf?

A craft and a preserved know-how

The scarves that I propose you are real treasures of beauty, made by small craftsmen, proposed by small producers and fashion designers and made according to ancient traditional skills typical of their country of origin. The craftsmen propose you to discover their art and to bring you warmth andsoftness through their creations. Each scarf selected, meets a precise specification to offer you high quality scarves while keeping the singular charm of a luxury and fragile product, resulting from the craft.

Natural silk from the Orient.

The scarves that I offer are made according to authentic and traditional skills by talented craftsmen, the patterns, materials are distinctive of their country of origin. The scarves in pure natural silk and wild silk are directly from Asia, India and Nepal but also from Laos, Vietnam or Thailand. Over the years, I have built up long-lasting relationships with small artisans and producers in order to assure you the best quality of scarves and to assure them in return the time necessary for the quality of the work but also the fair remuneration. We work in collaboration for thedevelopment and the perpetuation of their traditional know-how.

Limited edition.

I offer you a varied range of scarves and squares in pure natural silk, patterned and coloured natural cotton chèche scarves in limited editions. A selection of fashion scarves in wild silk with contemporary, daring, geometric shapes, ideal to enhance your outfits from the most casual to themost dressy. The collections and models are constantly renewed. So don't wait too long when you've spotted a model... It may be a unique model !

My state of mind! My state of mind!

I attach particular importance to the quality of the scarves I offer, to their softness as well as to their finish, even if they remain products of craftsmanship and keep their very essence. Your small packets are prepared by me with the greatest care and I am also at your disposal to advise youand during all the stages of your order. Nothing is more important to me than to keep you warm, wrapped in softness, all year round. Your happiness and your satisfaction are my daily happiness for a shared love of beautiful things.

Enjoy this small chic boutique dedicated to softness, natural materials, elegance and joie de vivre!
Receive in advance, my sweetest thoughts...

And if You have a question do not hesitate to contact us at: contact us: contact@princessefoulard.com