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Cotton Scarf

Craftmen of Cotton scarf

Princess Foulard offers you a large choice of scarves and headscarves in 100% pure Indian cotton for men and women. These scarves are produced by Indian craftsmen with an ancestral know-how. A large selection of high quality handcrafted scarves cotton. A wide selection of high quality Indian cotton scarves handmade in the greatest tradition with organic dyes and natural pigments. Soft and warm, these scarves will be perfect in winter as well as in mid-season. Handcrafted scarves of the finest quality, luxurious and large scarves that you will keep forever.

Scarf 100% cotton

Liberty Cotton Cheque


Women's 100% cotton scarf.

Cotton is one of the most widely used fibres in the world because these fibres are used to make fabrics that will be used for many purposes, such as clothing, furnishings, household linen... but cotton is also one of the oldest fibres.

Women's cotton scarf.

Historians claim that the Egyptians knew cotton more than 1200 years before the Christian era. On the other hand, the oldest fragments of fabric dating back more than 7000 years have been found in Mexico. As for the oldest written trace, it was found in India where cotton has been cultivated for 3000 years. Find the large scarf for men and women in the most beautiful and noble materials, large square or rectangular cotton scarf.

Luxury men's cotton scarf.

What is certain is that it was from India that the spread of cotton to the West, Europe, Africa and the Middle East took place. The Indians therefore have a know-how passed on for generations in the cultivation of cotton but also in its production of quality fabrics. Indian craftsmanship makes it possible to make the most beautiful winter scarf soft and warm made of the world's finest cotton, of the greatest softness and the finest quality of manufacture.

Organic cotton scarf, organic cotton scarf.

India has long been coveted by European countries because it is rich in spices, silk and cotton. In the 17th century, the East India Company was created which allowed the trade of these little wonders. It was in the 18th century that French and English trading posts exploited cotton intensively. Natural cotton fabrics from India are particularly appreciated by Westerners, who can no longer do without them.

Cheap cotton scarf.

The quality of cotton from India is very famous as well as its work and weaving. It is a material very appreciated for the making of many things, whether it is your clothes or everything that surrounds you in your daily life.