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Cotton scarf Voyageur


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Beautiful, this is the most sought-after cotton scarf of the season. It's a burgundy color, and it's the most sought-after cotton scarf of the season. This sublime large scarf made of 100% natural cotton of the highest quality is ultra soft. A soft, thick and chic scarf for both women and men. Indeed, this large scarf from the collection cotton scarf is ultra beautiful and creates a look that is both trendy and urban, unisex and so charming. The advantage of this cotton scarf, apart from its timeless and fashionable colours is that cotton protects well from the cold and wind in winter but it is also light in summer and will protect from sun, wind and dust long distance travellers and all the others too! The beautiful cotton scarf is sent in its beautiful pouch.

  • Material 100% cotton
  • Dimensions 110x180cm
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

Some advice about this scarf

In order to avoid deforming and damaging your cotton scarf, it is recommended to clean it by hand. To do this, soak your scarf in a bath of warm water mixed with Marseille soap or a mild detergent. This is the technique that will preserve your textiles the longest.

How to wear your scarf

For women or men, the black cotton scarf will add a touch of class to your look. Simply wrap it around your neck once, then hang both ends over your chest. You can also make a simple knot or a tie knot.