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Indian silk scarf

Craftmen of Indian silk

Princesse Foulard offers you a wide selection of Indian silk scarves. Artisanal scarves in Indian silk ultra soft. Handcrafted scarves for women and men in 100% pure natural Indian silk. From the patterns to the routing they are made according to ancestral artisanal methods. Indian silk from an ancient craft rare in the north of India and the Rajasthan region gives silk of the finest quality, woven, printed according to unique methods and outstanding craftsmanship. Each quality silk scarf Indian silk scarf for men and women is unique in the world and cannot be found elsewhere.

Indian silk scarf

Ganges silk scarf


Indian silk scarf for man

Indian silk is the most precious textile there is, and its quality and softness surpasses that of all other fabrics. India is one of the most important silk producing countries and especially their silks are of high quality and fineness. The Indian silk scarf for men and women that are presented in this boutique are of the finest quality of high-end luxury garments. Nowhere else will you find such beautiful scarves to offer.

Indian women's silk scarf

Asian countries produce about 90% of the world's silk, and China and India are the two great market leaders. China is the country that discovered the secret of the silkworm and its manufacture and India was next, thanks to its geographical position. Each geographical area having its specialty,, fine and light scarf for India, or wild for South-East Asia.

Wild Indian silk

The silk trade made Indian silks famous throughout the world and the establishment of the comptoir des Indies enabled silk to be exported to the West. Of course, when talking about the world and silk, one should not forget South-East Asia, which produces wild silk scarves of exceptional quality. wild silk scarves of exceptional quality.

Indian silk scarves are particularly famous and refined. The ancestral know-how allows them to make real jewels of inestimable value. The traditional Indian dress is the sari which is made in a delicate and very fine evening. Some saris require a long artisanal work which can take 15 to 20 days. They are handmade and meticulously embroidered.

Silk scarf made in India

The finest creations can be embroidered with gold thread and can be worth several tens of thousands of Euros. Indian silks have vivid and beautiful colours not found in other silk producing countries. In addition, each region or city has its own patterns that correspond to their identity and culture.

Indian silk scarf

Indian silks are particularly appreciated in Europe, as they allow the making of beautiful and refined garments or even scarves or fabrics that are unique in their qualities. Indian silk scarves are the result of this know-how and tradition of Indian craftsmanship, both traditional and modern.