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Taj mahal silk square


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The blue silk square revisited by our most gifted Indian artisans. This sublime natural silk square scarf stands out with its traditional Indian prints inspired by nature. Made according to an ancient traditional know-how, this chic oriental silk square with its addictive softness and finesse is a rare item to be discovered urgently. Made of 100% natural and soft silk, it is printed with floral patterns very sought after by Indian crafts lovers, it is printed in a traditional stencil way.
Princesse foulard sends you your pretty Indian silk scarf is sent in its pretty satin so Chic pocket and ideal as a gift or for storing your scarf! Made in India.

  • Material 100% Silk
  • Dimensions 95 x 95 cm
  • Packing pouch Oui
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

Some advice about this scarf

nettoyage lavage sechage chlorage repassage

There are a few rules about washing silk by hand. Plunge your scarf in plenty of cold or warm water, up to 30°C maximum. Do not rub or wrinkle the fabric during washing as this may damage it. Use mild soap or detergent for delicate fabrics and dry your silk in a dry place away from the sun to avoid fading.

How to wear your scarf

A very nice way to wear the square silk scarf is to fold it in half to make a triangle. Place the pointed part on your chest, then tie the scarf at the back of the neck so that it is a little loose. The result is beautiful and very casual, which will be perfect with jeans or a small dress for your more fancy days.