Wool and cashmere shawl

A woollen shawl and a women's cashmere shawl is a large fabric that is placed on her shoulders to wrap herself in. Its large size allows different uses, it can be worn on the shoulders, on the head or as a veil. Discover a selection of shawls not found elsewhere.

It is important to know that shawls are different from any other shawl silk scarf or scarf by its large size but also by its material. Indeed a Russian shawl is often made of wool, silk and luxury cashmere. There are shawls with fringe of more or less great length, and other shawls which do not have one. Most shawls have fringes and it is also this small detail that makes them so stylish and charming because the shawl is a fashion accessory that does not lack sensuality. Originally from Russia of Central and Western Asia, the shawl is very widespread in these civilizations, especially in India where the shawl is one of the essential elements of a feminine dress and will be ideal for a bohemian wedding. The woollen shawl or the Russian flowered shawl can be worn in different ways. You can wrap yourself in it and snuggle up to keep warm, you can also put it on your jacket in winter or on a strapless dress in summer. The shawl can also be tied like any other scarf with a knot that keeps you warm. Another way to wear your shawl is to put it on your hair with a knot either in the neck or the scarf crossed and knotted in the back or on the chest. Because of its large size, the shawl can be worn as a skirt, sarong, belt... it is a multiple fashion accessory just like the pashmina. The fringes bring a little something extra that gives style. Also think that a shawl that is not too thick will always be more elegant! You will choose your shawl according to your style and according to your desires. Preferably you will opt for a wool shawl, in 100% pure wool, especially if you want to be warm and optimize your look. Wool is also a quality material that will give you a longer life span. Choosing a Russian wool shawl is the assurance of a quality fashion accessory that you will keep for many years. Love shawls with fringes for a nice, original and traditional look, especially if you wear your shawl over a coat or jacket where there will be much more style than a shawl without fringes. In India, the shawl is worn by both men and women the Russian shawl is a very feminine shawl with unique flower patterns.

Wool wedding shawl

Timeless fashion accessory that is meant to keep you warm. Russian or Indian style is also very chic when worn on the head laid on the hair. And again if you shawl and wool it will bring you even more warmth by avoiding heat loss at the head. To wear a colored shawl matching your clothes choose a sober colored outfit, a plain coat or jacket and put your sublime shawl on it. It is therefore important to choose your shawl with flower motifs for example to maximize the effect of style. To coordinate your shawl with your clothes, start in the other direction, choose your shawl and then your clothes. With a red shawl plain black clothes, the same goes for a patterned black shawl. If you wear a beige shawl wear brown, khaki, beige. For a grey shawl navy blue will be perfect.

Wool shawl woman very warm

All occasions are ideal to wear the shawl that will suit both men and women. The shawl can be worn in winter as well as in summer. In winter you will wear it tightly, over a winter jacket, jacket or coat. In summer you will wear it simply over a dress, placed negligently on the shoulders, for an evening for example, but also with all your clothes. The shawl is also essential for a wedding, do not forget to choose one for this specific occasion, on the one hand to keep you warm, on the other hand to bring a note of style and color, essential. The Russian woollen shawl will be worn in winter to bring a little Slavic note to your outfit, ultra trendy.

Warm and soft shawl

The Russian wool shawl will be worn in winter to bring a little Slavic note to your outfit, ultra trendy.

Warm and soft shawl

The new trend in shawls are the Russian and Indian shawls with baroque flower patterns, very colorful, they are inspired by traditional Russian shawls with big chic flowers. The current shawl trends, as you can see, are colorful shawls, which have personality and will give pep to all your outfits. The shawl is the essential fashion accessory in winter for both men and women. To put it on in a trendy way, put it on your shoulders, on a jacket, a coat or a jacket and wrap yourself in it. To prevent it from slipping, make a big chic bow and let the fringes hang down, it enhances the whole style! And don't forget that the style of the shawl is very important !