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Nabokov wool shawl


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Here is one of the most beautiful model of this new collection of women's châle in pure Russian wool. The tradition of Russian shawls dates back to the imperial period and is based on ancient traditional craftsmanship. On the borders of the Urals, the history of this traditional shawl dates back more than two centuries. The wool fibre used to make this shawl is particularly soft, long and strong, giving the shawl a unique fineness and optimized warmth typical of Russian craftsmanship. The very elegant and refined flower motifs are typical of the dress codes of the Russian Tsars. The Nabokov shawl is sent in a pretty pouch. This shawl is at a reduced price as it is the last pieces of the 2018 collection.

  • Material 100% laine
  • Dimensions 75x180cm / fringes 10cm
  • Packing pouch Oui
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

Some advice about this scarf

If you want to keep your wool shawl all your life it's possible! Just avoid staining it and remember never to machine wash it. A correct and respectful washing of the fibre must be done by hand, in cold water and with a liquid soap designed to wash pure wool.

How to wear your scarf

On a casual outfit, such as jeans, place your shawl on your shoulders and flip a panel over the shoulder. Throw it carelessly across and leave it like that. With an evening gown or a bustier wedding dress, place your shawl on your shoulders and let it fall carelessly, letting one shoulder appear, then the other. The shawl is a great seduction accessory, don't forget it!