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Grosse écharpe laine

Craftmen of Big wool scarf

Beautiful collection of scarves, soft and warm pure wool strongs. The softest and warmest scarves for men and women for the winter. Warm you up in winter, cover your shoulders in summer or to dress an evening gown or a wedding dress discover the natural beauty of pure wool from Russia. Russian virgin wool shawls are of a unique and rare beauty, with an incredible fineness to the touch. These big scarves are the warmest and softest you will find for winter.

Large woolen scarf

Woollen shawl Soljenistyne


Women's big woolen scarf

Russian wool is 100% pure and natural is of high quality. For thousands of years, Russian breeders and craftsmen have been producing high quality wool, their know-how is out of the ordinary. Pure Russian wool offers you the softness, warmth and fineness you are looking for. It will warm you in the cold season and let your skin breathe if you wear it in the middle of summer. The Russian know-how in terms of pure wool is no longer to be proven and their reputation is immense all over the world.

Big wool scarf man

In Russia, women traditionally wear the wool shawl on their head, laid crosswise on the shoulders or around the neck or waist. For the wool which is produced on the Russian highlands, even if it is little known, and is less renowned from the cashmere scarf, is a wool of comparable high quality. Indeed it did not benefit from the Silk Road to develop its trade and this is why it did not meet the same success as the wool of the cashmere goats, however it remains a wool, long fiber of comparable thermal quality.

Big wool scarf winter

Straight inspired by the châle wool cashmere shawls which are also worn as large scarves. Their craftsmanship is ancient folklore traditional, these woolen stoles and scarves are designed to highlight the femininity of women. Their unique traditional style gives a mysterious and sensual touch to the wearer. Original creations woven by hand on old looms, these shawls will allow you to showcase yourself with style and creativity.

Wool oversize scarf

You won't regret the softness, comfort and amazing style that this fashion accessory made from the wool of little Russian sheep will bring you. For men and women large woollen winter scarves for men and women for winter with the warmest wool in the world and the best know-how. Discover the softness of this collection of very large woolen winter scarves made by hand in the purest tradition.

Large woolen scarf for a cheap price. To face the cold that sets in every winter you will need a high quality fashion accessory of superior quality, a big thick pure woolen scarf to maximize the warmth around your neck.