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Wool and cotton shawl Kovalevskaya


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Ideal for a wedding, this Russian cotton and wool shawl with long silk fringes will bring a sophisticated bohemian style to your wedding dress. In a vintage bohemian spirit, with its large colorful flowers, it will be of the most beautiful effect during a photo session for an unforgettable enhancement of your outfit. Its modern and trendy style will allow you to wear it in all circumstances on chic casual clothes in autumn winter as well as in summer. If you have a crush on it, don't let it pass you by, this is a limited edition. A best seller not to be missed! The Kovalevskaya shawl is sent in its beautiful organza pouch.

  • Material 80% Cotton - 20% Wool
  • Dimensions 115 cm / 145 with fringes
  • Packing pouch Oui
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

Some advice about this scarf

To take care of your shawl be careful not to leave the fringes lying around and not to tangle them up. This will not happen if you don''t forget to store your folded shawl in its pocket, the one that comes with it and allows you to keep it ideally and in the best conditions. Also you will wash it preferably by hand but machine washing is allowed, be careful to group the fringes together.

How to wear your scarf

For the look, you wear the shawl folded into a triangle and placed on the shoulders with the tip going down to highlight the bohemian chic style not the fringes. You will appreciate the comfort of the shawl worn in the hollow of your elbows, the softness of it against your skin.