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A scarf is a piece of fabric, linen, cotton, silk or wool, intended to protect the neck from cold and bad weather. This magnificent range of scarves for men and women is made by craftsmen. Handmade in the most beautiful natural materials, they are made of wool, cotton or linen or a silk scarf. Apart from its purely aesthetic function, the scarf for men is first and foremost there to ensure a certain comfort from the first frosts of winter. There is a wide variety of scarves, more or less long, and more or less warm, depending on the material. A scarf should not be confused with a women's scarf or a square scarf of silk. The women's scarf as well as the stola is usually rectangular in shape and very elongated, so that it can be wrapped around the neck or shoulders. The neckerchief is a variant of the scarf. It is a small scarf that is worn very close to the neck, like a necklace. For both men and women, the choice of the scarf material will depend on its use and the weather.

Warm winter scarf

To wear a scarf in an elegant way, there are two golden rules to respect. First of all, the scarf must be chosen according to its material and colour. It would be unthinkable to wear a big woolen scarf over a small cocktail dress. You have to harmonize your scarf with the colours and textures. Then, you will have to take into account the way you tie the scarf. The scarf can simply be wrapped around the neck, but there are many ways to wear a scarf. The scarf can be simply rolled up, very loosely, while letting the sides fall over the shoulders. The scarf can be used as a neck wrap to keep the neck, nape of the neck and face warm. The way the scarf is tied will depend on the style of each person. Generally speaking, a scarf should be fine and light in the summer, and in large knits or wool for the winter. Cotton scarves are a sure value for fragile skins, which are easily irritated by wool. In winter you will also like to wear the plaid scarf whether you are a man or a woman.

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A scarf is not something you choose, it is often a crush. You fall for the material, the color, the patterns or just the shape. The choice of the material is very important, because the scarf must be above all pleasant to wear. Wool and cashmere are very warm and pleasant to wear in winter. However, many people are allergic to these materials. In this case, it will be better to choose a scarf in cotton, linen or pashmina, which are softer to the touch and all equally warm.

Women's soft scarf

The choice of the model will depend on the use of the scarf. Many scarves have a crumpled look, which gives a falsely casual, fashionable look. Others will prefer a brightly coloured scarf, to be worn with slim jeans and ethnic jewellery. The scarf should bring an extra touch of femininity, while being in perfect harmony with the whole outfit.

Women's winter scarf

To perfectly match a scarf to your outfit, there are two schools. Either the scarf blends totally with the dominant colours of the outfit, or the scarf is a complete contrast. This method is valid for both women and men. A total black look can for example be broken by wearing a brightly coloured scarf. It is possible to make a colour reminder with the shoes for example or the handbag. It's a good idea not to wear more than three different colors at the same time.

Also, for a man, the scarf can be totally matched with the suit, with shades of grey, black or blue, depending on the color of the suit. For a woman, the scarf is also there to illuminate the face. It is therefore important to think about harmonizing your scarf with the earrings. If the scarf is rather in a classic retro style, wearing pearls, rings or simple pendants is quite suitable.. If the scarf is in a bohemian style, ethnic jewelry or creoles will be welcome.

Silk scarf man

A natural silk scarf is chosen with as much care and attention as a jewel. At a party or an art opening, it is a good idea to wear a fine, light and slightly shiny scarf. The scarf will act as a necklace, will illuminate the outfit, while bringing a little warmth at the end of the evening. To go for a walk in the woods, there's no need to break your head. The big woolen scarf, in thick knit, will be perfectly adapted to this kind of situation. To go to work, the scarf must be practical to put on and take off. Unless it's very cold in the office, you don't wear a scarf around your neck all day. Also, it is better to choose a thin scarf and avoid colours that are too light. A woman's silk scarf, which you take off and put on again, tends to get dirty more quickly. Dark colours are therefore more appropriate.high quality craftsmanship/ Like everything else, scarves also follow fashions and seasons. The current trend in scarves is towards natural materials such as linen, cotton, wool and pashmina. Scarves are either plain with fringes or with coloured patterns. The fashion is rather turned towards crumpled, braided or unstructured scarves, for an ethnic and slightly bohemian look. The totally smooth and wrinkle-free scarf is no longer really in fashion, so it is better to give it a more casual and modern look, avoiding ironing.