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British cotton scarf


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Pleasure yourself with a beautifulsoft scarf en pur cotton Indian natural and quality! If you are looking for a quality scarf, original and respectful of nature and traditions, this scarf will seduce you. This series of scarves made of pure cotton, produced in small quantities in the traditional Indian know-how is a high quality article. You will see to the touch that the quality of the fibre is out of the ordinary, that its softness is unique. You will also appreciate its large size which allows you to be warm and comfortable while letting the skin sweat. A fashionable scarf, very chic and timeless, that you will keep forever! Your 100% cotton scarf is sent its beautiful organza pouch.

  • Material 100% Coton naturel
  • Dimensions 110x180cm
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Some advice about this scarf

There's no need to wash this cotton scarf on high heat. 30° will be enough to give it back its shine instantly, so there is no need to boil the fibre. This magnificent scarf in pure cotton will resist very well over time to many washes. However, avoid washing it too often and mixing colours or denim which could stain on it.Discover the collection of cotton dryer.


How to wear your scarf

I really like this scarf because it's absolutely gorgeous to wear around your neck. It has an instant personality and a chic and timeless note. The kind of scarf that does not go out of fashion and that you can associate with all your wardrobe. For men, it brings a touch of sensuality and charm as soon as it is wrapped around your neck ... your girlfriend may well try to steal it from elsewhere! Discover all scarf and cotton scarf.