Tuareg Chech

If the 100% cotton Princesse foulard has become a reference, it is first and foremost a real fashion accessory, a trendy fashion accessory, a quality scarf. It is a real fashion accessory, a trendy fashion accessory.

The scarf in cotton that we call the scarf was originally worn by the Tuaregs, in the desert to protect themselves from the sun, heat and sand. The chèche is a relatively long piece of cloth between 4 and 8 cm, depending on the type of goat. It is a kind of quality scarf crumpled, whose color differs according to the use. The Tuaregs never left their goats, who usually wore it in very bright colours, such as green, red or yellow. The choice of the colour of the goat was not insignificant, because each colour had its own meaning. Indigo, for example, was worn for special events or celebrations. The colour white was a mark of respect. Since then, things have evolved somewhat and the cotton scarf chèche is chosen according to style and not its meaning.

Cotton scarf for men

The chèche is an essential fashion accessory, worn by men as well as women. The chèche is halfway between the scarf and the square silk scarf, and is worn on all occasions. It is light, pleasant to wear, plain or decorated with motifs according to one's taste. Wrapped around the neck, the chèche will bring warmth and comfort. The advantage of the chèche is that it can be worn both in winter and summer and that you can have fun wearing it in very original ways. The chèche can be worn as a headband around the head, for a very trendy bohemian chic style. In summer, the chèche is perfect around the neck in case of a light breeze but can also be used as a sarong. The ideal is to match it with your swimsuit and that's all there is to it. The material of the chèche is such that it lends itself to all kinds of fantasies, so why not indulge in a little extravagance?

Cotton chèche for women

The chèche is a fact a more trendy and modern version of the traditional keffieh. In order to choose it properly, we will first have to determine its use. Will it be worn in winter or summer. In summer, the chèche will be light and in bright and colorful tones. The goat should ideally preserve a part of its oriental origins. It is also a good idea to choose the colour orange, royal blue or red. Some goats are even decorated with gold or bronze threads to accentuate this oriental effect. In response to the current trend, designers have created more classic, but also easier to wear goats. Linen, cotton or silk have made their appearance in the realization of many goats. To choose it, you have to know what to wear it with. For an easy-to-harmonize all-purpose goat, it is best to target neutral colours such as white, beige, grey or black.

Chèche 100% organic Indian cotton

The chèche is to match the whole outfit. For women, you just have to determine your style and then match the chèche scarf according to the colors. For a classic look, the chèche will be chosen in neutral tones and worn around the neck in a falsely casual style. The chèche should be knotted very loosely and the sides are then worked or even crumpled further. For a bohemian look, the style will be worn on the head like a headband and the colour will be chosen according to the outfit. In this case, a pretty dress or long skirt will be very tasteful. For men, the chèche can be worn in several ways. For a classic look, chèche can be worn over a suit and tie. The chèche will be perfectly coordinated with the whole outfit. For a more modern and urban look, the chèche scarf will break the color codes and will be more flashy.

Traditional Tuareg scarf

The chèche is not worn in the same way according to the occasions. A classic chèche, plain and without apparent pattern, can be worn on any outfit and in all circumstances. On the other hand, the more stylish and colourful chèche will be adopted according to each occasion. For an evening or a special event, the brightly coloured chèche with gold threads will be perfect over a cocktail dress or strapless dress. A colourful chèche is ideal to enhance an outfit that is a little too sober. A chèche can also be used as jewellery and can be placed delicately on the neck. The sides of the silhouette should be left hanging on each side of the silhouette for more refinement and elegance. Men can also wear the chèche for special occasions. The chèche will then supplant the eternal pouch on the suit jacket or lavaliere.

Military, Berber, Indian or Moroccan chèche

This long and large silk stole coming straight from the Tuaregs follows fashion and trends. Its political and symbolic connotation is far from current fashions. The chèche is generally made of cotton or linen, in uniform or multiple colours, to suit everyone's taste. Some goats are with fringes, patterns, embroidery or colour gradations. Trends tend towards noble and light materials. As far as patterns and colours are concerned, there is only the embarrassment of choice to please oneself. Nevertheless, bohemian/ethnic style is still a sure thing when it comes to fashion. So, the cheche will be more likely to be worn in colourful and bright tones. You can also discover the range of silk scarf natural men and women.