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Wild silk stole scarf

Craftmen of Wild silk scarf stole scarf

Princesse Foulard offers you an elegant selection of hand woven wild silk scarves and wild silk scarves. Made by craftsmen with ancestral know-how from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. silk scarf 100% hand-woven in the most beautiful wild silk of Asia. scarf man wild silk stole silk stole woman marriage wild silk is a chic and quality silk that you wear for everyday or for weddings.

Wild silk scarf stole scarf

Wedding silk stole


The silk is undoubtedly a noble material and a fabric out of the ordinary. There are several qualities of silk for very different but equally beautiful results.

Wild silk scarf

Unlike many other fibres such as cotton or linen, silk is not a vegetable fibre but an animal fibre. A fiber which is secreted by a caterpillar which is the bombyx of the mulberry tree.

Wild silk scarf madagascar

This worm manufactures with its saliva a long thread in order to make a cocoon which will serve as a shelter for its mutation to the state of a butterfly. Once the cocoon is finished, it will be boiled and hollowed out in order to recover the long thread which will be put in a spool. Each thread is very fine so it will take about ten threads joined together which will stick together when cooling. The wild silk is also a know-how a madagascar

scarf woman wild silk

Discover scarf woman quality in wild silk, the most beautiful silk in the world. Women like to wear a wild silk scarf or a wild silk stole for a white or beige, ivory marriage. You must have heard the word wild, but do you really know the difference? Wild silk is produced by another type of worm which is the Tussah silkworm, which lives in southern China. Its habitat is not the mulberry tree but the oak tree. The peculiarity of wild and handcrafted silk is that it does not come from silkworm breeding but is collected in nature in the form of cocoons hung on the branches of oaks.

Wild silk stole

It is a more economical silk and above all it has a slightly different appearance from natural silk. It is a slightly coarser silk with thicker threads but above all more irregular.

Wild silk stole marriage

This irregularity is preserved at the weaving which gives a different aspect to the fabric, a little rougher and showing small asperities. For the making of large scarf it is a silk which is also thicker and more resistant which allows it to be used a lot for furnishing or decoration.