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White linen scarf


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For a gentle Indian summer, this sublime 100% pure white scarf will seduce you with its beauty. You will particularly appreciate its softness, freshness and its unrivalled natural qualities. A limited edition scarf from the collectionlinen scarf with a refined and elegant style that will follow you all year round. You will see that it is so pleasant to wear and that it immediately brings to every outfit a mixed touch of elegance and relaxation. A chic winter winter or summer scarf that doesn't wrinkle with comfort and inimitable touch that will suit both men and women. Its exquisite weave and unique softness are an additional seduction asset for a bohemian chic summer.

  • Material 100% Linen
  • Dimensions 200 x 110 cm
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Some advice about this scarf

Washing and caring for your linen scarf is very simple and quick. It is preferable to wash it by hand in order to keep all its qualities and material as long as possible. It is enough to plunge it in a bath of warm water mixed with detergent and then to spin it delicately. To find out more about tying a scarf.

How to wear your scarf

If you want to protect your neck from the cold while being elegant, wrap your linen scarf several times in a rectangle and then with the remaining ends make a nice apparent knot that will fall in front or slightly to the side. It is a style that works with all outfits, sweaters or blouses.