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Chic linen scarf


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Black scarf in 100% pure natural linen, both trendy and chic. Pleasant and soft to wear it will bring you freshness and a truly natural look. Did you know that linen absorbs moisture, that's why you wear a linen scarf especially in summer and when it's hot. Also in winter it is a bulwark against cold and wind, which makes it suitable for all seasons. Comfortable, its insulating power is no longer proven. A very refined natural fibre, this linen scarf is the assurance of an elegant and refined look. For men and women alike, this is a sublime scarf that you will keep for many years!

  • Material 100% linen
  • Dimensions 35 x 180 cm
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Some advice about this scarf

Hand washing is the technique that allows to keep the textiles as long as possible, because it is the most delicate technique and it respects the fabrics the most. After gentle cleaning, avoid wringing it out but put your scarf in a towel that will absorb the water.

How to wear your scarf

The tie knot is a way to tie your linen scarf that is very simple to make and gives a fashionable and elegant style. Wrap your scarf once around your neck, then with the two ends that are on the front make a classic tie knot, more or less loose according to your taste.