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Wool Kashmir Shawl


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The woolen socks from the Himalayas inspired by the ancient models of the Kashmiri tradition. Its colourful and baroque floral weaving has exactly come from the patterns of Indian cashmere. A classic, timeless, stylized and modern version of ancient shawls. Absolutely unique, incredibly soft and delicate, this fabulous shawl will delight you with its rare beauty. Light grey in colour, this large shawl with small fine fringes is precisely the essential fashion accessory for your successful wardrobe. The Kashmir shawl is sent in a pretty pouch.

  • Material 40%laine, 60%Viscose
  • Dimensions 75x180cm / fringes 10cm
  • Packing pouch Non
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

Some advice about this scarf

The best precautions to take when washing wool avoid unpleasant surprises. In this case, dry-cleaning is a good option. To clean it by hand if it is not stained, wash it in cold water with a specific detergent for wool and dry it flat in the shade. Learn more about large wool scarf.

How to wear your scarf

A shawl or cashmere scarf is worn in a very feminine way by snuggling up in it as one would with a blanket. On a coat, a jacket, a jacket, wear it rolled up, it gives a lot of style. If necessary tie it with a pin. For more comfort tie it like a classic scarf.