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Phu quoc cashmere shawl


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Magnificent big, soft and thick cashmere wool shawl ideal for winter. An ultra chic and timeless fashion accessory patterned with exotic frangipani flowers. In shades of beige, red, green, it will bring an exotic chic note to any outfit. Often selected to accompany a wedding dress, it is also the chic of chic in everyday life. To slip into your handbag, your travel bag and to wrap yourself in it throughout the cool days and evenings, it will be indispensable. A sublime gift idea to make a special woman, who you love more than anything else and who deserves so much softness and to be pampered. The Phu quoc cashmere shawl is sent in its pretty pouch.

  • Material 45%Wool, 30%Cashmere, 25%Cotton
  • Dimensions 185x65cm
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

Some advice about this scarf

Cashmere wool, although it is very robust to resist the elements, is not designed to be machine-woven with a spin at 1200 rpm. Washing your cashmere in fresh, warm water with a specific shampoo is the best way to take care of your beautiful scarf.

How to wear your scarf

The ultra chic cashmere shawl can be worn to wrap yourself in it, curl up in your shawl and snuggle up in your oversized maxi scarf to keep you warm and maximize both softness and warmth at the same time. Oh yes, I forgot to tell you how soft this shawl is against the skin. A fashion accessory that you'll keep forever.