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Angkor Wat Silk Stole


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Magnificent ivory beige stole with khaki green stripes, a large scarf that will suit both a man and a woman. This superb silk stole will wrap you in softness and warmth and you will discover with joy the rarity and the unrivalled beauty of a shawl made of wild silk. A rare and unique fashion accessory, a splendid and elegant collector's item. A work of traditional and authentic craftsmanship of which only Thai artisans have the know-how. This stole will also have the advantage of matching with all your outfits because of its classic, trendy and timeless colors. Tied around your neck or placed on your shoulder you will compose every day a different look and you guarantee a rare, unique and high quality item. A luxury product not to be found elsewhere and not to be missed. The beautiful wild silk stole is sent in its elegant silk organza pouch. Entirely hand-woven on an old traditional wooden weave. It takes weeks of work to make.

  • Material 100% Silk
  • Dimensions 60 x 170 cm
  • Handicraft Non
  • Packing pouch Oui
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

Some advice about this scarf

Its delicate and refined material requires some precautions when cleaning it. Hand washing is the most recommended as for all delicate textiles. Let it soak in a bath of cold or lukewarm water with a detergent for delicate textiles. Do not wring it out or wring it out, but put it delicately on a towel to absorb the water.

How to wear your scarf

Turning your silk stole into a belt is trendy this season. It is a new and original way to use your stole which gives an elegant and chic touch. You can pass it through the loops of your trousers or even just put it on your skirt and let the ends fall to the side. Prefer a stole with shimmering colors to give style to your look.