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Silk Scarf Kho Lipe


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Discover the beauty of this super handcrafted and hand-woven scarf. On an old wooden loom, this beautiful wild silk scarf is patiently woven, representing days of work. Its is unique and flamboyant color, it is designed in shades of azure blue and green with turquoise reflections. The assorted colours give an absolutely fabulous and very elegant gradation of colours. An elegant and refined scarf as you will find none other than this one. Its wild silk weave is exceptional, by touching it you will discover the beauty and warmth of wild silk whose fibre is only equalled by its softness. An elegant handmade wild and natural silk scarf sent in a beautiful silk organza pouch.

  • Material 100% Silk
  • Dimensions 43 x 165 cm
  • Handicraft Oui
  • Packing pouch Oui
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

How to wear your scarf

Your beautiful scarf is large, so you can wear it in many ways. Like a shawl put on your shoulders with a little dress. You can also wear it like a tie by passing it around your neck and tying a knot as you would your tie, tight around the neck or loosely in a casual way.