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Mae Salong Silk Scarf

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Mae Salong Silk Scarf


A wild silk scarf in pink shades, chic and refined in urban and fashionable colours, ideal for everyday wear, it promises to match perfectly with all the clothes in your wardrobe. It will bring that little touch of sublime that characterizes it and you will appreciate its handcrafted patina. A luxury item, fashioned by the skilled hands of the best Thai craftsmen who are the only ones to possess this silk know-how. A chic and fashionable scarf, handmade and of high quality, a rare pearl that you won't find anywhere else than at Princesse foulard.
An elegant scarf in wild and natural silk sent in a beautiful silk organza pouch.

  • Material 100% Wild Silk
  • Dimensions 43 x 165 cm
  • Handicraft Oui
  • Packing pouch Oui
  • Gift wrapping and customizable message*

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Some advice about this scarf

Older silk scarves are particularly harder to clean than newer scarves, but the results can be very good. They are often thinner than normal and more fragile, so you will need to treat them with much more care. When you wash them by hand, the weight of the water may be enough to tear the silk, so be careful not to spread it on a washing line but lay it flat.

How to wear your scarf

A very chic and stylish way to wear your silk scarf is to wrap it once around your neck quite tightly and let the ends hang down the back. The result is magical, especially if the scarf is long and thin. It is ideal with an evening dress with thin straps or a bare back because the scarf will emphasize it while lengthening the silhouette.